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Kid rapper from Jackson featured on Ellen show

As a fifth grader from Jackson, Cory J. is already a rapper and entrepreneur getting recognition from people like the Ellen DeGeneres.

Cory J. or Lil C Note was featured on the comedian’s show for his rapping skills and business model. Not only is he making music, but he’s taking the money from CD sales and using it for a good cause.

Cory has sold his CD’s in Walmart, by approaching customers with a clever sales pitch, dance moves included, and offering the albums for only $5. But Cory doesn’t keep all the money, he’s on a mission to donate it to buy toys for other kids.

He told Ellen he has been to cities in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana and given away $10,000 worth of toys to children in need.

Cory said it was part of his “10k giveaway.”

He said one of the main reasons he gives the toys away is because he is a kid and would love for someone to give him free toys.

Cory then performed an original song on one of his albums called “Cherry Lime Lemonade.”

To watch the full video see below:

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