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Looking for a Coast Pick Up?


It’s a nasty little problem on the coast and thousands are volunteering to help take care of it this Saturday from 8 a.m. –11 a.m.

It’s for the annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Day. “This is a coast wide effort to help keep our waterways free from trash and safe for people and animals,” said Coordinator Lauren Thompson. “Marine debris really can pose a health hazard for humans as well as for marine wildlife. It effects our tourism and our economy. So it’s really important to keep our coast clean.”

In Its 25th year, Thompson says the event goes beyond just picking up trash. “Coming out and actually seeing the litter out there in person has a great impact on people. And having a lot of young people involved, and children, that’s getting the message to them early to be good stewards of the environment.”

A message apparently taken to heart. Thompson says the amount of trash they pick up each year continues to decline.

Saturday’s cleanup will cover more than 60 sites in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties and the barrier islands.  After the cleanup, volunteers will get a free lunch and can also stop by the Scranton Natural Center to see and sign a commemorative quilt that illustrates the event’s history.

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