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LSD-like Drug in Mississippi is Not Safe

JACKSON, Miss. – A new drug is getting a bad reputation in Mississippi. It is called diethoxyphenethylamine, better known as 2C-I, 25-I, or N-Bomb. You may have seen it referred to as “Synthetic LSD” on the news. Parents in Madison believe it is what killed their son who was a student at Mississippi State University weeks ago. Also, two teens in Diamondhead are recovering today from what police say was an apparent synthetic LSD overdose over the weekend.

“It is an eye opener. It will remind students. It will remind people that you just can’t put anything in your body that you do not have a true background of,” said Floyd H. Baker Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Jackson DEA.

Floyd says these drugs are made by “basement chemists” and there is no telling what is put into these drugs that may affect you. He says the drug has different effects on people. “There is one incident where a kid in New Orleans took it, one drop, 15 minutes he was unconscious, incoherent and never regained consciousness. There are other people who have indicated, ‘I’ve used it, and I might have been feeling strange for a day or two, but I’m back to normal.”

The drug can be found in power form but is normal ingested by a drop or on blotter paper like LSD.

Floyd says the DEA in Mississippi has not had a lot of reports about N-Bomb. He also says the drug has been around for years, but is prevalent now because it is coming into the state in big bundles.

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