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Madison woman wanted for grand larceny

JACKSON, Miss. -Police are looking for a woman charged with grand larceny after jewelry was reported missing from a Madison home. 

Inline image 1The victim reported the jewelry missing on Thursday after there was a suspicious visit from a Hispanic woman claiming to be working for the Public Works Department of the city of Madison. The woman knocked on the resident’s door claiming she needed to inspect some trees in the backyard because they were considering putting in an underground powerline.

The victim and her husband accompanied the stranger to the backyard, leaving the front door unlocked. The woman stayed talking on her walkie-talkie to what the victim said sounded like a man. When she was finished, she radioed in that they were now returning to the house.

The woman was not a Public Works Department employee and was wearing a maroon shirt and khaki pants with no markings that would suggest she was.

The victim reported that three of her rings were missing, price valued at $1,000.

The con-artist was described as 5’6″ in her 30’s with reddish brown hair pulled back. She left in a newer white car.

Police have asked that anyone with a similar experience or any information contact the Madison Police Department at 601-856-6111.

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