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MDHS: Releasing the first in a series of Better Me Better Mississippi videos

Today, the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) in partnership with the Families First For Mississippi (FFFM) is releasing the first in a series of Better Me Better Mississippi videos highlighting the importance of partnerships with others to assist individuals and families on their path to success. The Generation Plus (gen+) approach requires partnerships as well as braided resources which positively affect change while bringing efficiency into service and benefit delivery.

This service model eliminates overlapping and wasted resources to enhance the overall mission of providing temporary and supplemental support to individuals in their quest for livable wages and independence. The partnership between MDHS and FFFM is one of many that has developed as a result of Governor Phil Bryant’s initiative to provide a premier State Workforce Development team.

Our multitude of community partners allow MDHS to address barriers encountered by Mississippi families through a multi-generational approach. The gen+ initiative has four key components: education; economic supports through workforce development; health and well-being along with social capital. The goal is to create a foundation framework within the department so that identified resources and services along with program support are aligned with a generation plus approach to build upon the success of the family as a whole.


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