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MDOT Offers Tips for Your Protection in Work Zones

JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) will join local, state and federal transportation officials across the country in participating in National Work Zone Awareness Week scheduled April 11-15 during Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Alcohol Awareness Month.

The theme this year, “Don’t Be That Driver,” will focus on the important role the driver plays in work zone safety as well as other road safety issues.

When you’re driving on your way to work or school, you may be familiar with the roads and comfortable driving there. When road work is in progress, that adds an unfamiliar element that could be dangerous if careful attention is not paid.

MDOT offers tips to guarantee the safety of you and those around you when driving through a work zone.

  • Stay alert! Look for reduced speed limits, narrow driving lanes and highway workers.
  • Pay attention. Work zone signs will tell you exactly what to expect ahead.
  • Merge early. If drivers merge as soon as they see the signs, traffic will flow more smoothly.
  • Slow down. If you’re speeding, you may encounter slowed or stopped traffic within seconds.
  • Don’t tailgate. Maintain a safe distance on all sides of your vehicle.
  • Plan ahead. Expect delays and allow extra travel time. Select an alternate route if you are running late.
  • Slow down when approaching a work zone at night. Visibility can be difficult due to the glare of oncoming headlights. Slowing down and proceeding with caution will allow for everyone to stay safe.

“It is critical while on our road system that drivers keep their safety in mind as well as the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday so that we can travel safely,” said Commissioners Dick Hall, Tom King and Mike Tagert, from the Mississippi Transportation Commission.  “Work zones are their office; and like any citizen, they have families who would like to see them return home safe.”

For more information, visit and visit our fallen worker memorial. Join the national conversation using #NWZAW or locally using #drivesmartms.

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