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Mighty Mississippi on Its Way Up Thanks to Rains Up North

From News Mississippi affiliate WQNZ

NATCHEZ, Miss.–The Mississippi River is on its way up.  But not to the record levels that occurred May 19, 2011 when the river at Natchez reached an historic 61.9 feet, when several businesses and towns along the river were affected.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers forecast the river will rise to 49 feet March 30th.  Already debris such logs can be observed washing into the backwaters and gathering around parked vessels.  Master Chief Randy Merrick of the U.S. Coast Guard based in Natchez said he wasn’t aware of any problems with debris; his only concern is if it takes out a buoy.  Merrick said the big boats have bumpers on them and not have an issue.  Whereas with the smaller boats the logs and limbs could get caught up in the prop.  He said also the debris will and can get caught up in fishing nets.

This year’s rise has already closed the road to Lake Mary in Wilkinson County.  The Adams County Sheriff’s office has closed Carthage Point road to keep sightseers from wandering into the area.  Anna’s Bottom in the northern part of Adams County could see some flooding but not enough to close it completely off as it did four years ago.

Business in the Miss-Lou is not too concerned yet about the rise of the river.  Cappy Stahlman of Riverpark RV Park said, “It will start bothering us at about 51-52 feet.  Stahlman said based on the current forecast we should be okay.

In the meantime we will keep an eye on the Mighty Mississippi and hope that no records will be broken.  And the Big Muddy will stay right where it’s at for all to enjoy.

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