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Miss. GOP and Sec. of State Sued by True The Vote, Minister Claims there was Vote Buying

JACKSON, Miss. – Texas based election integrity organization, True The Vote is suing Miss. Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman and the Mississippi Republican Party with the help of Mississippi plaintiffs, who are also Chris McDaniel supporters. The organization is asking a judge to place an immediate injunction against them so ballots from the June 24 Senate runoff can be inspected.

“True the Vote has been inundated with reports from voters across Mississippi who are outraged to see the integrity of this election being undermined so that politicos can get back to business as usual. Enough is enough,” said True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht in a statement.

The lawsuit says that voting records were denied, plaintiffs encountered unlawful obstacles, and that there were voting irregularities. Tuesday afternoon, McDaniel spokesperson Noel Fritsch said that the campaign found more than 3,300 ineligible crossover votes after examining half of the poll books in fewer than half of the counties in Mississippi.

Also a report from accuses Senator Thad Cochran’s campaign of buying votes. A conservative blogger posted and online interview Monday night of black minister, Stevie Fielder, of Meridian who said the Cochran campaign offered people $15 for each vote. Fielder claimed that he brought hundreds to the polls but the Cochran campaign never paid him. The Cochran campaign said Fielder’s claim was a lie and suggested that Fielder and the Blogger get an attorney.

Meanwhile, Melba Clark, a member of the Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee told the Clarion Ledger that she does not believe that any vote buying went on and that she is “not aware of any people that Mr. Fielder took to the polls, or anybody having promised money to people.”

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