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Miss. Man Says He Killed Chupacabra

LEAKE COUNTY, Miss. – Ever heard of the mythical bloodsucker chupacabra? Well, a guy in Leake County says he killed one. It all started when Matt Hewharrell went out hunting raccoon.

“I looked over there and seen him in the hay barn, I thought it was a coon,” said Hewharrell. “It pranced down like it was going to jump at me, I didn’t give it time to.”

He took the creature out with a 22, and then shot it again since he did not know what exactly what the animal was. Hewharrell says a game warden from Wild Life Fisheries and Parks told him it was a coyote or a dog with a skin condition.

“Everybody said it was a chupacabra, except the game warden. All he did was walk up here, take a look at it, turn around, and leave.”

Hewharrell claims the creature had orange eyes, its front legs were shorter than the back, and the teeth were bigger than any coyote he has ever seen.

Hewharrell plans on getting it stuffed.

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