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Miss. News Briefs: Gas Goes Below $3 a Gallon; Woman Stabbed and Left in Parking Lot

JACKSON, Miss.–How long has it been since you paid under $3 for a gallon of gas consistently? Now the state average has dipped below $3. It could go even lower. Here are some news briefs to kick off your Monday:

Gas hasn’t been under three bucks for a while in Mississippi, but here it is. The cheapest is Southaven at $2.69, Clinton and Tunica and $2.74. Oil expert Trilby Lundberg says it could go lower because crude oil is cheaper. For you that means lower gas prices, obviously, and for Mississippi, some of the cheapest gas anywhere.

A video about stealing the flamingo at the Hattiesburg Zoo? Devin Nottis, the guy arrested last week for that, apparently posted the video to Snap Chat where he brags about it. Nottis and the PIKES are suspended from USM. It was supposedly a frat prank.


Keeping Your Kids Safe, a mol;estation arrest in New Albany and now Robert Stanford is out of jail on bail. He’s charged with sexual battery of an underage child and cops say it happened on his cotton farm. WCBI reports not much more than that is being said right now because the victim was so young.

LAying dead in the street, blood everywhere and several gunshots. That’s ahow this man was found Saturday afternoon about 5 in Laurel. Tong Paige arrested.

Crime scene tape around an east Biloxi house Saturday afternoon. Inside earlier was Anthony Wheaton, shot several times. The neighbors took him to the hospital, but he died. Rodise Jenkins thought he got away, but police caught up and put the cuffs on him.

Stabbed to death then dumped in the parking lot of the Wells Lamont glove factory in Philadelphia…
It happened to a woman on a bloody Sunday in Philly. Police saying she was probably killed at a house not far away, then left in the parking lot, right out in the open. If you know anything, call Philadelphia PD.

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