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Mississippi Comic Con Goes Beyond Just Dress Up: Opportunity, Charity, Culture (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

JACKSON, MISS– Mississippi Comic Con, held Saturday and Sunday at the Mississippi Trade Mart, celebrates all things comic book, movies, television, and video games. 

People dress up as their favorite character, head to the convention, and spend a day or two escaping from the real world and into the world of their favorite fiction. But for the people of Comic Con, it’s more than just a day away. It’s an opportunity and culture.

“This gives me a great pool of people who are interested in my work,” says local author Timothy Cook, “I write fiction.. these people are all about fiction and escape.”

But for people participating in Comic Con, it’s more than just an opportunity to gain exposure for their own artistry, it’s a chance to give back.

“I’m with the Rancor Raiders, part of the international 501st Legion,” says Reagan Murphy, dressed in full Boba Fett from Star Wars gear, “we dress up a few times a year and raise money for kids.”

Murphy says that the 501st has an agreement with Lucasfilm, the company responsible for Star Wars. They dress up, make appearances, but instead of making a profit, they donate all of their proceeds to charity.

“Today we’re out here raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation,” says Murphy.

And of course, people go to Comic Con to meet the celebrities. But their not meeting the characters from their favorite fiction, but the real people who brought them to life.

“My favorite part about doing these things is the people,” says Actor Sean Patrick Flanery, “and being in the same room with all the stuff I grew up with.”

Flanery says that being an actor doesn’t change his perspective of Comic Con. He enjoys it because it’s the stuff he’s celebrated since his childhood.

Here’s the audio from Sean Patrick Flanery’s full interview, plus what he says about how Mississippi makes this Comic Con special to him:


Picture from Boondock Saints. Flanery, left, Norman Reedus (Walking Dead), right


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