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Mississippi, it is time to pay attention to hockey.

hey, wait a second… where are you going?

Look, I’m not going to pretend this is a state that WANTS to enjoy the sport of hockey.  It rarely snows here, our lakes and ponds almost never freeze, and there isn’t any skating rinks around here. (That I can think of, anyway)

BUT, hear me out, Mississippian.  Its the middle of June, football is 80+ days away, and there is only one school in the state still playing baseball.  You’re a sports fan, and you need your fix.  Hockey just may be it.

The Stanley Cup Finals Game Four is Monday night, do yourself a favor and tune in.  If nothing else, do it so you can hear Nashville Predators fans humiliate the opposing goalie after he gives one up.  This is gold.

And listen to our interview with Nashville’s Steven Godfrey (he also covers college football for SBNation, but its June) on the City, and the south’s, hockey craze.

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