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Mississippi Legislators Back Hillary Clinton for President

Jackson, Miss– State house and senate democratic leaders met at the capitol today to voice their support for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. 

“We’re excited about the primaries coming up, where voters will choose between Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders,” says Representative Earle Banks, D, leader of the Black Caucus, “we believe Hillary Clinton is the right choice.”

Rep. Banks says Clinton’s experiences on the state and federal level, as well as her work globally, makes her ready for the position of commander in chief.

“She was the first lady of our neighboring Arkansas,” says Rep. Banks, “she worked on problems there that are still present in Mississippi today.”

Clinton has been in question and under investigation over an email scandal. Government emails were kept to a private server, according to investigators, and it leaves many calling for her indictment. Banks, however, says the misunderstanding is not malicious, and just part of the world in which we live.

“I think there was an issue with Colin Powell and emails, Condoleeza Rice and emails once,” says Rep. Banks, “I think everyone has made a mistake in emails at one point, or sent a text message to the wrong person.”

Banks is not alone in his support of Hillary Clinton.

“As the youngest African American elected to a legislature in U.S. history, I am proud to support Hillary Clinton because she has a proven record of advocating for quality public education for all students and ensuring access to affordable higher education. In addition, she’s a progressive thinker. I am confident that she will represent the interests of all Mississippians, instead of just a select few,” said Representative Jeramey Anderson.

Below is a list of supportive legislative leaders:

  • Sen. Deborah Dawkins
  • Rep. Earle Banks
  • Rep. Jeramey Anderson
  • Rep. Jarvis Dortch
  • Rep. Chris Bell
  • Rep. Alyce Clarke
  • Sen. Angela Turner
  • Sen. Sampson Jackson
  • Sen. John Horhn
  • Rep. Steve Holland
  • Sen. Sollie Norwood
  • Sen. Robert Jackson
  • Rep. Oscar Denton
  • Sen. Derrick Simmons
  • Rep. Omeria Scott
  • Rep. Tommy Reynolds
  • Sen. Albert Butler
  • Rep. Greg Holloway
  • Rep. John Faulkner
  • Sen. Willie Simmons
  • Rep. Orlando Paden
  • Rep. Rufus Straughter
  • Rep. Kathy Sykes

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