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What Mississippi Officers are Trained to do in Situations Similar to Michael Brown Incident

JACKSON, Miss. – A Grand Jury ruled Monday that Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the death of Michael Brown. While the court ruled the shooting was justified, Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol Captain Thomas Tuggle with Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer Academy in Pearl believes the situation should have been handled differently.

“That wasn’t advantageous for the officer to engage the suspect while sitting in his vehicle. If that is taught somewhere, I would stand up and say that is the incorrect way and that is not the right way to deal with a suspect,” said Tuggle. “I think the violator came up on him pretty quickly before the officer had a chance to react. It is obvious. That is a tactic that we do not teach, and most law enforcement officers with experience would know not to engage a suspect while sitting in your patrol vehicle.”

Tuggle says it is important for officers to maintain a reactionary gap of at least six to eight feet when dealing with suspects. Wilson was eventually able to establish that gap when he got out of the vehicle after having an altercation with Brown through the window.

“There was a physical altercation that occurred inside the officer’s vehicle and witness accounts confirmed that Mike Brown had his hands in the officer’s cruiser. Either way the assault was taken place place inside the officer’s vehicle, and subsequently the officer was stuck in the face. The officer’s weapon was discharged inside the cruiser. After that Brown decided to take off running, the question that is still on the minds of people is, and is buddy that was with him, is why did Michael Brown stop?”

Tuggle’s Interview with Paul Gallo on the Paul Gallo Radio Show:

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