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Mississippi Pocketbooks are Getting Hit by High Propane Prices

JACKSON, Miss. — Propane, for some people it is crucial for hearing your home, especially in rural areas. Right now propane supply is short, and it is not just northerners that are feeling it in their pockets books, but in Mississippians too.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls about it. We had a call yesterday that a company was charging a $170 emergency fee to come out,” said Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. “Some of the complaints have been that there has been a substantial increase, a dollar or more per gallon. Also, not being able to deliver as many gallons as customers want.”

Presley says there is nothing the Public Service Commission can do to regulate the cost. They only have control over propane. The only way to deal with the rise in price would be for a price gauging statute to be put in place like Alabama and Georgia have done because of the cold weather.

The national average for propane has gone up over $4, up from $2.96 last week.

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