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Mississippi Republican Chair, Ted Cruz was in the wrong

JACKSON, Miss. – The head of the Mississippi Republican Party has come out against Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s speech at the Republican National Convention. A speech he called off point and unnecessary.

Mississippi Republican Party Chairmen Joe Nosef said, “He [Cruz] should have done one of two things, not spoken, or spoken and been much more energetic and supportive.”

Overall, many political pundits are labeling the Republican National Convention as anything but conventional.

Earlier on in the week, Milania Trump gave a speech which had passages that were eerily similar to one of Michelle Obama’s that was given in 2008.

The convention has also been labeled as a convention of doom-and-gloom, but Nosef disagreed.

“I did’t buy that his speech was dark and I don’t think the people in the halls did either,” he said.

The chairmen did say, however, that the safety people feel or don’t feel about the country is what will decided the 2016 presidential election.

“I think it’s going to be about who is going to do, whatever it takes to do, to try and make us as safe as we can be,” said Nosef.

Nosef also added that the billionaire entrepreneur cannot afford to surround himself with “yes” men.





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