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Mississippi to Sizzle the Next Couple of Days

JACKSON, Miss.–Whether it’s the AC, a box fan, or sticking your head in the deep freeze, you’ll want to find a way to keep cool the next couple of days. Highs will be in the mid 90s today, with a heat index at around 100 in most places, and rain chances are slight.

“The hottest temps will be in the west, along the Mississippi River, where heat indices may approach 102, 103,” said Mike Edmunston, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

He said tomorrow the temp will go up a degree or two.

“We’ll still have the humidity, so we’re looking for even higher heat indices, closer to 105. That’s the magic number where the body starts to succumb to heat exhaustion and heat stroke with prolonged exposure.”

He said you should stay hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages, preferably water or Gatorade, stay out of direct sunlight, if possible, and take frequent breaks if you can’t. Also wear lose clothing and check on pets and neighbors.

Edmunston said the extreme heat should fizzle by Friday as a weather system approaches with more cloud cover and better rain chances.


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