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More Flights In Mississippi: Southern Airways Express in Oxford (No TSA)

OXFORD, Miss.–The Oxford airport is now becoming a portal for you to get in and out of Mississippi to premiere vacation destinations and, very soon, many southern U.S. cities. Southern Airways Express announced their return to service the city and passengers in north Mississippi at a press conference Wednesday.

“With the demographics of Oxford and the growth of Oxford, I think it’s gonna make this just as good of a city as one the size of Birmingham as far as our being able to market and interest people into filling up planes,” Southern Airways CEO Stan Little told News Mississippi.

“I thin k that before you see larger aircraft in here, you’re probably gonna see larger frequency of flights to our current cities and an expansion of the cities we serve.”

Destin and Panama City, Fla. will be the first two cities to which Southern Airways will fly from Oxford. The company said it will add service to and from New Orleans later in the month.

Stanlittle-Southernairways audio

There are also some interesting perks, according to a news release from the company:

In addition to the use of complimentary iPads and Bose headphones during flights, the carrier’s
other perks include no baggage fees, no parking fees, and no TSA security hassles. Passengers
will also benefit from the convenience of arriving at the airport just 15 minutes prior to
departure. Fares on all flights range from $129 to $249 each way.

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