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More Mississippi Lawmakers Saying No to Syrian Refugees, Organization Urges Governor to Reconsider

WASHINGTON, D.C. Standing against Syrian Refugees in D.C… more Mississippi lawmakers are siding with Republicans in the U.S. house to put a hold on bringing refugees in. Representatives Greg Harper and Trent Kelly both join in with Senator Wicker’s statement on holding off on the program. Rep. Steven Palazzo says he’s working on a bill that would give states the right to turn refugees away. Mississippi is just one of 31 states telling President Obama that refugees will not be accepted.

Governor Bryant released a statement Monday that he’d do everything possible to keep the refugees out of Mississippi.

The ACLU of Mississippi says Governor Bryant should reconsider his stance, citing the Jewish refugees that fled the Nazi regime and came to the United States:

“Although Governor Bryant has the difficult responsibility of protecting his citizens’ safety, he should do so while respecting the federal executive branch’s responsibility for foreign affairs. He should do so while respecting the federal government’s responsibility for setting refugee and asylum policy.

We ask that he learn from hysterias of years past, hysterias that led to the internment of Japanese American citizens and to the exclusion of Jewish refugees from our shores as they fled the tyranny of Nazism.

The ACLU of Mississippi urges Governor Bryant to welcome Syrian refugees who are fleeing the brutality of ISIS.”

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