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More pregnant woman are saying “yes” to smoking pot

JACKSON, Miss. – More American women are using marijuana during pregnancy.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, almost 4 percent of pregnant woman admitted to recently using marijuana. Many claimed the drug helped with morning sickness. While almost 4 percent is not a huge chunk of the pregnant population, the number is astonishing given that only 2.4 percent of pregnant women admitted to recently smoking pot in 2002.

Low birth weights and other medical problems have been associated to babies born to mothers who smoke marijuana during pregnancy.

The Mississippi Department of Health has urged all expectant mothers to avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs at all times, but especially when pregnant.

Using alcohol and illicit drugs during pregnancy can cause very serious problems for a developing child. Even small amounts of alcohol or drugs can cause learning problems and behavioral disorders in the newborn.

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