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National Coffee Day: Barista Turned Bartender Says It’s A Lifestyle

RICHLAND, Miss– Today is National Coffee Day. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it with sugar and some like it with a shot of espresso. Barista and Drip Drop Coffee Shop owner Darren Hinton says it’s all in the coffee culture. 

Some prefer their hot cup of joe straight from the grinder, while some like their frappe straight from the drive-thru. However you like it, today is National Coffee Day. News Mississippi sat down with you to talk shop.. or coffee shop.

“The flavor, the boldness, the crema with espresso grinds, it all has to come together,” says Drip Drop Coffee Shop owner Darren Hinton, “a good cup of coffee can take you a long way in your day.”

Hinton says the coffee stop isn’t just for mornings.

“Stop at the end of the day, get a coffee and get ready for your kids and home,” says Hinton.

The culture of the coffee shop is celebrated today just as much as the coffee itself. When you walk in any coffee shop you see barstools and tables, eclectic art, couches and chairs. Music plays, the grinder spins, but it’s still all about the coffee.

Hinton is a bartender turned barista. That’s why the drinks at Drip Drop are just as eclectic as the coffee stained sheet music table covers.

“There’s the New Orleans Dream,” Hinton says, “It’s got chocolate, hazelnut and rum flavor, to bring that taste of New Orleans.”

Some of the other menu items are Tornado, Pecan Push, The Sugar-Free Girl, and Bean Dream.

“I really like Fifty Shades of Nilla,” says a customer, “It’s homemade vanilla ice cream, frappe which has vanilla flavor, espresso–of course, and I’ll ask for a shot of hazelnut added.”

Coffee culture varies from person to person. Either way, National Coffee Day is meant to be celebrated however you like it–fancy, or no frills. .

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