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National Moonshine Day

Corn Liquor

Pop Skull

Stump Juice

White Lightning

Skull Cracker

Apple Pie Mash

No matter what you call it, today is National Moonshine Day, and the corn-based whiskey has certainly had an impact on the Magnolia State. Local folklore in Kiln, Mississippi, maintains that infamous Al Capone coveted “Kiln Lightning” and sold it by that “brand” in Chicago during the height of Prohibition. Moonshine isn’t just a historical footnote in Mississippi’s history, because just a few months ago, a 73 year old man was arrested in Rankin County for running a moonshine still.

Have you ever tried Moonshine? Do you have anyone in your family that might have a colorful story related to the clear liquid lightning?

You can check out more from JT on some Mississippi moonshine history here!

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