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National Voter Registration Day: What You Need To Know To Register In Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss– Today is National Voter Registration Day. News Mississippi has the information on voter registration in Mississippi. 

Voting is your right as an American citizen. You get a say in this democracy and on election day you march down to the poll, stand in line, then make your vote for who you think is the best leader. Before you can do all that, you have to register to vote.

The Voter Registration Information as put out by Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman’s office outlines the proper procedure for voter registration, eligibility and your rights.

Voters can register at age 18 by going to your local circuit clerk, municipal clerk, Department of Public Safety office, or any other office that gives government services. To register, you’ll need your driver’s license and/or social security number. If you’re not giving your social security number, you’ll have to have an ID, bill, or another document from the government with your ID on it.

Anyone 18 years of age living in the state of Mississippi can register in their county to vote, as long as you’ve lived there for 30 days before the election. The only people ineligible to vote are those who have been convicted of a disenfranchising crime. The state’s constitutional section 241 defines disenfranchising crimes as  arson; armed robbery; bigamy; bribery; embezzlement; extortion; felony bad check; felony shoplifting; forgery; larceny; murder; obtaining money or goods under false pretense; perjury; rape; receiving stolen property; robbery; theft; timber larceny; unlawful taking of motor vehicle; statutory rape; carjacking; and larceny under lease or rental agreement. If you’ve been convicted of any of those charges, you’ll need a pardon to vote again. 

The deadline to register to vote for this upcoming election is October 4th. For more information on voting, you can go to Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman’s website.


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