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Natural Gas Pumps Showing up in Miss.

FLOWOOD, Miss.–One company in the state is rolling out natural gas pumps in several town.

NGV Solutions had their ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday with Governor Phil Bryant and other lawmakers on hand.

“We’ve had a number of businesses that have converted and a number of cities too,” said owner Forrest Berry.

Pumps are going up in Flowood, Quitman, and Pontotoc around the state for natural gas from NGV Solutions and they hope to put more up in the future.

On their pump in Flowood Wednesday the natural gas was selling for $1.99 per gallon and Berry said the gas mileage is about the same but the savings is obviously from the price point.

“The natural gas is also much, much cleaner burning than regular gas,”

If the company installs a pump on your own property, with obvious upfront extra costs, Berry said the price goes below $1 per gallon to fill up.

The main question is how much would it actually cost to convert one’s vehicle and the answer isn’t cheap.

“The rule of thumb we say is about $10,000 [to convert],” said Berry.

Because of the large cost he said that cities which have large fleets and companies are the main one who would benefit but individuals who drive a lot for work might also.

Mayors from the above mentioned towns were on-hand and talked about the money savings that they could potentially see if all their fleet were converted.

The clear hope in the future is that some auto manufacturers would build a vehicle to already run on natural gas instead of having to convert it.

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