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“No Need for Us to Come”, Find Me says No to Myra’s Mother’s Request for its’ Help

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. — The national volunteer law enforcement and canine search and rescue group that gave Madison County detectives specific GPS locations on the possible whereabouts of missing two-year-old Myra Lewis will not come to Mississippi to help search for her.

Myra’s mother asked the group to do it’s own search.  But, Find Me Founder Kelly Snyder said he recently spoke with the lead detective handling Myra’s case for the Madison County Sheriff’s office.  “And we have determined they have done a thorough job with our information.  There is no need for us to come into town for a follow-up.”

Find Me’s GPS locations were determined by psychics who also volunteer with the group.  Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker confirmed nearly a month after getting the  psychics’ information that his detectives had exhausted all the leads and were not able to find Myra.

The toddler disappeared from her Camden home March 1.  The Madison County Sheriff’s department is still actively searching for her; and a $20,000 reward is on the table for information that directly leads to her being found.

Find Me psychics have also come up with GPS locations for a second missing person here in Mississippi.  That information is expected to be given to Gautier police after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Desmond Moore, 24, was last seen leaving his mother’s Gautier home August 30.

if you see Desmond or Myra, please call 911.


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Desmond Moore, 24, last seen August 30, 2014
Desmond Moore, 24, last seen August 30, 2014

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