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New Bill Offers Vaccine Choice to Mississippians, Doctors Weigh the Consequences

JACKSON, Miss. – In Mississippi children need to have vaccinations before they attend kindergarten, it’s the law, unless they are exempt for medical reasons. This legislative session, some lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would allow for parents to opt their kids out of vaccinations for a contentious reasons. The bill would also requires parents who want to opt out of getting vaccinations to visit with a doctor or someone with the Mississippi Department of Health  and sign a form saying they have had the risk of not getting their child vaccinated explained to them. Currently Mississippi and West Virginia are the only two states that do not have some type of exception beyond medical exemptions for vaccines.

“I’m convinced that if you take a thousand children, and you line them up, and you pump forty different serums into their body – you just have to ask yourself. Are the odds there that one of those children could have a negative reaction?” said (R) Representative Mark Formby who is supporting the bill.

Formby on the Paul Gallo Radio Show:

Dr. William Sorey, Professor of Pediatrics at University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) says almost any time someone receives a portion of bacteria, their body reacts an immune response. It can be more severe with kids who often have high fever. Sorey says children with immune deficiencies have legitimate reasons not to get certain vaccines, but there are hard medical indications to predict that, so those children would be protected under the state’s medical exemption.

“The deal is if you open that door for just philosophical exemptions, people are going to stop getting their kids vaccinated. That is when Mother Nature balls her fist up, and you have what is called a pandemic. That is when people get sick, and that is when people die. I wish give you a nicer answer about it, but Mother Nature is not real forging about this. I’ve been around long enough to see deaths from vaccines that are now vaccine preventable illnesses,” said Sorey.

Sorey also says that having more people in the pollution who are not vaccinated also puts children with immune deficiencies at a greater risk.

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