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New York Firefighter talks 9/11 with Elementary Students in Clinton

CLINTON-Miss. Retired New York City Firefighter Carl Schramm spoke to fourth graders at Eastside Elementary School in Clinton today. 

Fourteen years ago today four planes fell from the sky in the United States. One came down in a field in Pennsylvania, another crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and finally, two American Airlines commercial jets came barreling into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center.

Standing at 110 stories tall the two buildings were some of the largest structures in the New York City skyline. Each could easily see up to twenty-thousand visitors a day.

That morning New York City Firefighter Carl Schramm woke up like he had any other day. He was preparing for a trip to Florida where he would meet his family, when he received a phone call that a plane had hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

After confirming with loved ones that he was alive and well, he grabbed his gear and headed to the fire station. When he got to there Schramm and his company pilled in his truck and headed to ground zero.

New York has over fourteen-thousand firefighters, Schramm said, most of which were on the scene that day. His company alone lost 18 firemen  while in the line of duty.

As they made their way through the rubble and gray fog that clouded block after block of the city, they searched for survivors, civilians and first responders alike. Schramm says,  As the days followed they would begin to rebuild and move forward. He credits the bond he holds with fellow fireman as what helped get him through such tragedy.

Schramm speaks to people about his experience at ground zero that day so that the memory of New York’s most tragic moment will never be forgotten.

Our gratitude goes out to those who risked it all to rescue so many in such a dark hour.

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