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News in Brief: New STD, Talking Change for UMMC, Shooting Leads to Four Locked Up

The top stories from Tuesday morning, all in one place. 

Mississippi has had the highest rates of STDs in the nation, and now there’s a new STD to worry about. It’s called mycoplasm gentitilalium, or MG. Before MG was thought to be just another infection, but studies are showing that it’s spread through sex. You may not know you have it once you get it, but eventually you’ll start having painful urination, irritation, and bleeding. You can get tested at the health department.

Speaking of health, studies show that maybe the college board shouldn’t have as much control over University of Mississippi Medical Center. The Mississippi Center for Health Policy says right now, there’s too many hoops to jump through between meetings and signatures to get things done quickly. In the report, trustees are cited as not being experts on strategy when it comes to running the hospital.

A nightclub shooting in Hattiesburg leaves one man dead and four in the lockup. Jimmie Lee Magee is charged with murder, his bond is set at $1,000,000. Samuel Walker and Jamarcus Burton will need $100,000 to bail out, charged with accessory, and Romelvin Barnes Jr. will need $125,000, charged with accessory and having a stolen gun.

What’s your Identity? It’s defined as who or what you may be. Identity is’s word of the year. The website says that’s because identity was in question in many of the top talking topics this year. You would have seen it used most commonly with self-identification, gender identity, and even identity theft.

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