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News Mississippi Hot Car Experiment: Just Why You Double Check for Kids, Pets Before Getting Out

JACKSON, MISS– News Mississippi wanted to know just how hot it can get in that car in the Mississippi summer sun. 

A hanging thermometer in a hot car shows just why you should never leave the kids or pets in the car during the summer. At the beginning of the experiment, the outside temperature was 84; within 10 minutes, the temperature inside the car had risen to 96.

After two hours, the noon sun was burning up at 94 degrees outside. Inside the car, it was maxing out. The thermometer was only labeled up to 120, but the estimated temperature was 140.

At 6pm, the temperature was around 125 in the car, but some of the mercury had displaced due to the extreme temperatures earlier, and was still reading at the maxed out point.

A child’s body temperature rises three times faster than that of an adult. With these extreme temperatures inside the car, the backseat becomes an oven. Double check before you step out, and make sure the pets and kids are out, too.


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