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KOSCIUSKO, Miss. — Be on the lookout for the pigeon drop.

This scam has two people working together claiming they have found a lot of money; and they are willing to share it with you if the owner has not claimed it in the next 30-90 days.  A woman in Kosciusko told police she fell for it.  “She went to the bank and withdrew a large sum of money out of her personal account,” said Investigator Pete Belk with the Kosciusko Police Department.  It was supposed to be what the two thieves called good faith money to show that the victim was trustworthy.  “That’s when they pretended to put her money and the money this guy had into a bag for her to safe keep until the 90 days was up,” explained Belk.  But after the two left and the woman looked into the bag, Belk said she discovered it was filled with shredded paper.  He said a similar crime was also reported in Rankin County.  “It’s gonna be a different player, but the concept is the same.”

Belk said the persons running this scam typically go after the elderly as their target.

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