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News To Go for Tuesday


  • Severe weather is a distinct possibility today, particularly in North Mississippi. There’s a 90 percent likelihood of thunderstorms in the northern and central sections of the state, with winds gusting up to 20 mph. South Mississippi faces a 60 percent chance of milder storms.


  • With Camp Shelby, Keesler AFB and the Ordinance Plant Army Base in Monroe County, Mississippi military personnel are eyeing the Pentagon’s request for a 30 billion dollar increase in the nation’s military budget. Along with added training, the money would be used to upgrade the current inventory of armored vehicles and jet fighters.


  • Spice, ecstasy, Xanax and pot. The party stash was purportedly brought into the Raymond jail by a detention officer for delivery to an inmate. The guard, 21 year old Broderick Cardale Taylor, had been on the jail job about two months before the contraband bust.


  • Good old-fashioned police work is credited with a swift arrest of the suspect in the Yazoo city murders. Suspect Bridell Barber was taken into custody just six hours after the slayings were reported. He was apprehended from a home near Woodlawn and Derrick Streets in the capital city.


  • Not flab, but a 130 pound tumor. Such was the ultimate diagnosis of a Gulfport man, recovering this morning in California. Roger Logan was told by several medical personnel, he just needed to lose weight. He lost the weight in a hurry, when a specialist determined it WAS a tumor, and surgically removed it. The attending physician says the tumor (roughly the size of a high school wrestler), probably began as as an ingrown hair that ballooned with infection.


  • While the Magnolia State boasts some beautiful Victorian homes and several McMansions, if you’ve outgrown your current habitat and have money to burn, consider this LA home. It’s deemed the most expensive home in the 50 states. For your 250 million dollars, you’ll enjoy 21 bathrooms, 12 luxury bedroom suites and a home theater for your ‘Cat-Cam Film Festival’.

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