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NewsMS Daily Digital Jan. 20

If you have a child with special needs, then you understand the frustration of sending your child to school, but they’re not able to get the help they need. There’s a bill for that now, and it’s called the Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Act. The bill proposes a voucher that would allow children with special needs to attend a school that may support their needs better than the local school system.

It’s basically a scholarship on a debit card that could be used for private school tuition, therapy, and other assistance that a child with special needs could utilize to reach their full potential. This bill was defeated last year, but this year there’s more bipartisan support.

There’s also a few more things the legislative session will address this year.Monday, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves said he’d like to see inspection stickers done away with, hospital boards required to hold open meetings, a change in school funding, and reduce the fees for concealed carry permits. The legislative session will also tackle expanding the graduating class at UMMC and reforming state contract laws. Full information on each one of these topics is at

Did you know that right now, someone who ripped off public funds could be sent to prison but still collect their retirement… which is funded by taxpayers? Well there’s a bill to stop it from happening at

For the News Mississippi Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.

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