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A NewsMS Scam Alert: The Court of Appeals Says the E-mail Didn’t Come From Them

JACKSON, Miss.–An e-mail telling you you’re involved in some kind of legal mess probably did not come from the Miss. Court of Appeals and you shouldn’t open it. That’s what the court said Monday after getting several complaints.

The phony e-mail can link you to, you guessed it, a nasty virus.

A press release from the court said:

The suspicious e-mails state that the recipient’s complaint has been received by the court, and attempt to get the recipient to open a link or an attached document. Recipients of these e-mails advise that they have not filed anything with the courts.

These e-mails have not been sent by the Court of Appeals or any entity associated with the Mississippi Judiciary. Persons who are not involved in litigation would not receive e-mail from the Mississippi appellate courts.

Persons who have no involvement in litigation pending before the courts are warned not to open a link or attachment in unsolicited e-mail fitting this description. Opening such a link or attachment  may download malicious software.

The court said the e-mails have been showing up across the country in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington.

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