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No call list soon available for cell phones

JACKSON, Miss.- Starting July 1, 2016 Mississippians will be able to register their cell phone numbers on a do-not-call list.

Previously, consumers could register their residential telephone numbers on the list, and starting July cell phones will be permittedas well.

All new registrations that are completed by July 31, will be effective by September 1. After that, if you want to file a complaint against a telemarketer you can do so with the Public Service Commission in writing, over the phone, or via the website.

“We tell people, we can’t take a complaint if you don’t answer because if you don’t answer they can’t make a sales pitch and aren’t in violation of the law, but the best way to stop someone is not to answer,” said Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley.

Presley advised individuals not to answer the call and to save any voicemail’s they may leave as evidence.

Once your number is put on the do-not-call-list it takes about 60 days for the calls to stop.

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