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Obama Care and Mississippi: Changes to Expect This Year

JACKSON, Miss.–The second season of Obama Care and the website has gone more smoothly than the first rollout, according to the feds, but there are some changes that could happen this year in Mississippi. That’s according to Mike Chaney, the state insurance commissioner.

“Worse thing that’s ever happened to this nation,” said Chaney on the JT Show Friday. Chaney said that he is in charge of enforcing the laws that go along with the Affordable Care Act, that he doesn’t necessarily agree with them.

He said, though, that the notable changes include another health insurance provider coming to Mississippi.

“We have a little better news in Mississippi that we have one more carrier that’s coming to the state, United Health Care, that will be selling on the market place.”

According to their website, they will offer group health for employers of all sizes, with health, dental, vision and life insurance.

“I want to remind the consumers that the Dept. of Insurance in Mississippi does not control the That’s the federal government, but we do try to assist folks simply because they are our citizens,” said Chaney.

He said he hopes that taxes on medical equipment will be repealed in January with the new Republican-controlled Congress.

“Which will help a lot of the older consumers that have to have a motorized chair or anything they need to help them in the quality of life in the later years.”

Chaney said he expects other changes, too, but did not get specific.

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