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Obesity Rates Drop for Children

JACKSON, Miss. – CDC announced Tuesday, February 25 that obesity rates in children ages 2-5 have dropped by 43 percent in the past 10 years. This is encouraging news considering health problems is one of the countries main concerns.

The study also showed that, the obesity rate among low-income preschoolers declined, from 2008 through 2011, in 19 of 43 states and territories studied.

Mississippi’s children are on that list of improvement!

According to CDC, about 1 in 8 preschoolers is obese in the US. and children who are overweight or obese as preschoolers are 5 times as likely as normal-weight children to be overweight or obese as adults.

While this is great news for the children of America, an unsettling statistic hit hard as well. There was an increase by 21 percent for the obesity rate in women over the age of 60 in that time frame.

The state has been working hard to get rid of the reputation as the largest and most unhealthy state and continues to work on ways to improve healthy living, not only for children, but everyone. Tuesdays results are a stepping stone to a healthier Mississippi.

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