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Ouija Board Hits Top Toy List on Google, Mississippi Preacher Warns Parents to Be Cautious

BROOKHAVEN, Miss — Thanks to the movie Ouija that hit theaters a couple of months ago, the Ouija board has become popular again. Should parents be concerned? 

Ouija boards have often been used as creepy party game. It’s a piece of wood with numbers, letters, yes, no, and goodbye printed on it. Some see it as a game, others see it as a tool to communicate with ghosts, even loved ones gone before us.

Thanks to the movie Ouija that hit the box office a couple of months ago, Ouija boards have gained popularity again and are trending on Google as a top toy for this Christmas.

In many religions, communicating or summoning the spiritual world is a sin. Should parents be concerned?

“I challenge parents to open their hearts and minds to see exactly what it is that they’re purchasing,” says Matt Taylor, Family Pastor at Brookhaven First Assembly of God, “it’s more than just monopoly… it’s designed to open another spiritual realm.”

Taylor also urges parents to see that while the child may see it as a game or harmless fun, it doesn’t change what a Ouija board was designed to do. Taylor uses a gun as an example.

“A child may be allowed to use a gun for hunting, target practice, or other uses, ” says Taylor, “the gun can do those things, but it is still a gun.” Taylor says as innocent as intentions may be, the Ouija board is still a divination tool.

“However someone chose to use that Ouija board,” says Taylor, “at the end of the day, it is what it is.”


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