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Palazzo, Guest sign petition to bring abortion survivor bill to vote

Mississippi Congressmen Steven Palazzo and Michael Guest signed a discharge petition to demand a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. House Republicans have requested unanimous consent for the bill 25 times and each request has been blocked by House Democrats.

“Today, I signed this discharge petition with no hesitation,” said Palazzo. “It is beyond reason why Democrats continue to promote infanticide and deny basic human rights to the most defenseless in our society. This is a commonsense bill that should not be up for debate. Newborns who survive horrific abortions deserve an equal chance at life.”

If the discharge petition is signed by a simple majority of 218 members of the House, the bill would be taken out of the committee and moved directly to the House floor for a vote.

Congressman Michael Guest is another signer of the petition and said the bill would end infanticide.

“This is not a pro-life or a pro-choice debate, this is about stopping the barbaric process of killing children,” said Guest. I believe that life is precious, I believe that life is a gift from our heavenly Father, as a prosecutor I have fought to protect life and as your member of Congress I will fight to stop the killing of children who have been born alive.”

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