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Patience Is Not Working With North Korea: Senators Vote to Strengthen Sanctions

WASHINGTON— Senator Roger Wicker (R, MS) serves as a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

Wicker, Thad Cochran (R, MS)  along with other senators, voted to strengthen the sanctions against North Korea.

“The President’s doctrine of ‘strategic patience’ toward North Korea is clearly not working,” Wicker said. “The ‘hermit kingdom’ flaunts its nuclear ambitions and ballistic missile capabilities with no consequences. The least we can do is impose additional sanctions on the Kim regime and those who continue to support it. I am hopeful that the Administration will join us in sending a strong message to the North Korean dictator that his provocations will no longer be tolerated.”

A sanction serves as a rule for behavior, specifically from a military standpoint. If these rules are violated, they tote consequence.

The newest sanctions, named the “North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016” would require the administration to launch an investigation against conduct that violates sanctions, such as “flexing military muscles” so to speak, by attempting to or reproducing weapons of mass destruction. Activity that falls under this category would include increasing arms-related materials, luxury goods, abusing human rights, and creating threats to cyber security.

Individuals or groups could fall under sanctions if they are found in violation of these strengthened policies.

The new act also requires the Obama Administration to devise a battle plan both from the cyber and the literal military sense against North Korea, so that the United States would be ready to take action if necessary.

These actions come after North Korea’s most recent video footage showing what they say is a missile launch.

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