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What You Pay for Gas: Could Go One of Three Ways

JACKSON, Miss.–What you’re paying for gas could stay the same. It could go down just a little, or it could go down a lot. Those three predictions all came from the same person Monday, oil expert Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey.

You were paying an average of $3.39 Monday morning in Mississippi. The cheapest was in Horn Lake at $3.21.

“There are too many hot spots around the world that could affect crude oil,” said Lundberg. “That includes Russia, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, and three OPEC countries, Nigeria, Lybia and Venezuela, that understandably affects the oil market.”

She had three different predictions.

“If crude oil prices drop because of lessening of some tensions in the world, then instead of a small drop at the pump, that I’m currently expecting, then it may be a very big one. But if crude oil prices jump, because of accelerated tensions, then we may see no drop. If we assume not much change in oil prices, we could have a few more pennies slippage, but not dramatic.”

The national average is $3.69. It’s jumped over 43 cents in the past few months, said Lundberg.

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