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What You Pay for Gas: Price Cuts Could Be Over

JACKSON, Miss.–Stability is usually a word associated with good things, like a stable economy or a stable home life. This time, stable is being used to describe the price of oil and that could mean you won’t see gas prices get much lower in Mississippi.

With the state average at $3.11, according to , there are lots of places in the state to get gas below $3 per gallon. The cheapest was in Brandon at $2.80.

Trilby Lundberg, an oil expert, said that may be as low as it gets.

“After lower crude oil prices in September and early October worked their way through to the street, they have stabilized,” she said. “And stable crude oil prices, if they continue, will mean the end of price cuts at the pump.”

In other words, no more price drops on crude oil, gas doesn’t get any lower.

When asked if thegovernment shut down could have any effect on what you pay, Lundberg’s answer is basically no.

“The amount of the government shutdown (effect) seems rather small and we know within the gasoline market, may be even miniscule.”

Amory, Hernando and Oxford shared the state’s highest gas prices at $3.59 at some stations.

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