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PETA Calls for State to End Contract with Company that Mistreats Pigs


JACKSON, Miss. — It was a disturbing video, a worker at the company that provides meat for school lunches across Mississippi tortures a pig before it’s slaughtered.  Now the animal rights group PETA wants the state of Mississippi to end its contract with Southern Quality Meats.

If not for the pigs, PETA Campaign Manager Katie Arth says Mississippi should do it for the kids.  SAMSUNG“Kids love animals.  And if they knew that the products that they are eating at their school came from a slaughter house that repeatedly electro shocked pigs and beat them in the face with chains, they would be horrified.  And they would lose their lunch before going back into the classroom.”

PETA protested outside of the Mississippi Department of Education office Thursday, calling for Mississippi to end its $6 million contract with Southern Quality Meats.

The company says it has fixed the problem and the worker that filmed that pig being tortured has been fired.


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