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Is It Possible to Stop a Porch Couch from Molding in Mississippi Weather?

JACKSON, Miss. – Sitting on the porch and watching the world go by, some Mississippians may regard this as an art form.When participating in this ancient southern tradition, often, an outside couch may get dragged into the outside world to ensure comfort. This may sound like a great idea, but if the couch is not covered in a water resistant fabric, it can mold after being exposed to the humid Mississippi weather.

News Mississippi scoured the web and put in several calls to find a solution to preventing a moldy outside couch. The final consensus, other than getting your furniture reupholstered, was to liberally spray your couch with Scotch-guard or some other type of water repellent to prevent moister from setting in.

“You would have to apply it maybe once every three months, something like that,” said James Green, Owner of Green Custom Upholstery in Madison. “That might help.”

While “Scotch-guarding” your couch is a good preventative measure, odds are, it is not one hundred percent full proof. So having a little mold may just be part of the porch couch experience.

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