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Pot, Meth and a Gun: Why a Corrections Officer Ended Up Behind Bars

PEARL, Miss.–If you work for the Miss. Dept. of Corrections, you should know that you are subject to more scrutiny than the average Joe. Johnny Alton Conner, Jr., 24, who had been a probation officer for just under a year at the Central Miss. Correctional Facility, is learning that lesson the hard way.

Conner was canned and arrested after a traffic stop near the prison. The officers say they found marijuana, tobacco, crystal meth and a gun and they believe he was about to take them to prisoners.

Conner is charged with introducing contraband into a jail and possession of drugs, enhanced because he had a gun.

“The Mississippi Department of Corrections has zero tolerance for anyone attempting to bring contraband onto our prison grounds,” said Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps in a statement. “We thank Sheriff Bailey for his department’s assistance with this arrest.”

Epps said anyone is subject to search when they enter prison grounds.

That was evident last month when guards were found trying to enter the prison with burritos stuffed with tobacco and pot.

If you work there, the temptation may be great to try and make some extra cash by bringing prisoners things they can’t get on the inside. But, Epps said these arrests are proof it’s not worth it.

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