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Potential union discussion continues for Nissan

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A decision coming up for workers at the Canton Nissan Plant, to unionize or not to unionize.

The question of whether the workers should join the union has left some wondering if the Nissan workers would even have enough support for the vote.

“We don’t know whether they do in fact have sufficient signatures, we think that they do,” said Jay Moon, CEO of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association. “So, if the NLRB certifies that they do, then they will have a vote, somewhere around the 3rd or the 4th, or whenever the NLRB says that they can have one. ”

NLRB stands for the National Labor Relations Board.

Moon says even he doesn’t know what the outcome would be if the Nissan workers organized themselves.

“I have not heard it articulated as to what the issues are from the employee’s standpoint, nor have I heard it articulated as to what possible benefits they think any of those that would be interested in doing this, what benefits would accrue to them if in fact the plant was unionized, over and above what they have right now,” said Moon.”

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