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POTUS signs new travel ban, Thompson reacts

President Donald Trump has signed a new travel ban, keeping travelers from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya from applying for new visas for the next 90 days.

But Congressman Bennie Thompson said in a statement that there’s nothing new about the order.

“This new Muslim travel ban is just like the old: it discriminates against individuals from Muslim-majority countries and closes the door on vulnerable refugees fleeing violence and persecution around the world.  Simply put, it flies in the face of our Nation’s values and history,” said Congressman Thompson. “While this Executive Order was billed by the President as absolutely necessary for the security of our country, all evidence points to the contrary.  Reports from the Department of Homeland Security show that the Administration tried and failed to justify the ban after the fact.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the ban was part of the United States’ rights to protect herself.

“Just like every nation, the United States has a right to control who enters our country, and to keep out those who would do us harm,” said Sessions. “This executive order seeks to protect the American people as well as lawful immigrants, by putting in place an enhanced screening and vetting process for visitors from six countries.”

But Congressman Thompson argued that this order isn’t backed by facts from the Department of Homeland Security.

“President Trump put forward a disastrous policy in January so he could follow through on a campaign promise.  After losing badly in the courts, the Administration seemed to be in no hurry to revise or replace it.  Reports state that the Administration delayed announcing a new Executive Order last week because it didn’t want to affect the news cycle from Trump’s address to Congress and wanted the new Executive Order to have its own spotlight,” said Congressman Thompson.

” We know this Administration is more concerned with politics and fear-mongering than promoting good governance and sound national security policy.  This Executive Order does not make us safer and the American people will not be fooled.”

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