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Power Up but Gas to Remain Stable

Photo courtesy of Entergy Mississippi.

JACKSON, Miss. — You’ll soon pay more for electricity while your gas bill will stay about the same.

Entergy Mississippi asked the Public Service Commission (PSC) for a rate increase, mainly due to rising natural gas costs and an under-recovery of fuel costs in 2013.  Rates for an Entergy residential customer who uses 1,000 kilowatt hours per month would rise $4.21 per month.

Mississippi Power asked for an increase too. “The overall net impact on an average 1,000 kWh residential customer’s monthly bill when applying both factors, is an increase of $3.50,” the PSC was told during its’ Tuesday morning meeting.  The request was approved two to one and the increase will take affect this February.

Atmos Entergy did not request a rate increase. “The Company initially filed an allowed return on equity of 10.20% and an earned return on equity of 9.29%, indicating no need for a revenue adjustment,” the PSC was told. Commissioners voted unanimously to allow Atmos rates to remain stable.

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