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Preparing for a Memorial: Jones Family Wondering Why Their Son Killed His Children

AMORY, Miss.–A memorial service for the five children police say were killed by their father, Tim Jones, Jr., is being planned for Friday at 1 p.m. at the Amory Church of Christ. Meanwhile, Jones father, who lives in Amory, spoke to the media and to the public Wednesday, saying his son is “not the animal that he will be portrayed through the media”.

The murder case will likely be handled in South Carolina, though Jones was caught in Mississippi Saturday night at a DUI checkpoint. That was in Smith County, a good ways away from both his home in South Carolina and his parents’ home in Mississippi.

Just why Jones may have killed his five children and dumped their bodies in plastic bags in Alabama is still not clear.

”People will come to their own conclusions and as parents we can understand that decision based on the circumstances. But please remember that our little Tim is a very loving, father, brother and son, ” said Jones.

The Jones family is asking for your prayers.

“At this time, we need to use all our strength to say goodbye to our grandchildren and be allowed privacy to grieve.”

Authorities in South Carolina held a news conference Wednesday, also confounded by the deaths.

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