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President Talks About Syria, Mississippi Reacts

WASHINGTON, D.C.–If the reaction by Mississippi’s D.C. lawmakers is an indication of how the rest of Congress feels, then it appears the president has very little chance at getting congressional support on a military strike against Syria.

Comments were quick coming from Sen. Roger Wicker, who went of “Team Cavuto” on the FOX Business Network.

“He’s been given a little reprieve by this stated willingness of Asaad to give up his chemical weapons,” said Wicker. He said he believes Obama will use the time to try and better his case for an attack.

“I was struck that he spent so much time making the case for a military strike. He spent very little time talking about the Russian possibility, the possibility of giving up the chemical weapons and I’m glad he didn’t raise expectations.”

Wicker said he did not believe Syria would actually turn over their chemical weapons.

Still, Cong. Bennie Thompson, who said he will also vote no on military action, said the president should exhaust the diplomatic option first.

“It’s a viable option. It takes the military action off the table if Syria can somehow agree to it, and we can verify they have given all the gas to the Russians. We should consider it,” Thompson told media. “No lives are lost, and we can go on dealing with the debt ceiling. We can deal with keeping America moving and spend some money at home for a change.”

Cong. Steven Palazzo Tweeted a reaction a short time after the president’s speech:

Tonight #POTUS needed to convince most Americans to change minds on military action in #Syria. I heard nothing new- were you convinced?

Earlier Palazzo had an exchange with Sec. of State John Kerry in the House Armed Services Committee meeting.

“There is no national will to engage the United States into Syria at this time,” he said. “Why?  I don’t have all the reasons why, but what I hear the most is that there’s no direct threat. There’s no upside. There’s no win, there’s no strategy, there’s no vision, there’s no trust.  And the list goes on and on.

“I’ve done my job.  I’ve reviewed the evidence, I’ve heard from the Administration, and I’ve weighed the risk. I’ve looked at the  pro’s and con’s.  But more importantly, I’ve heard from Mississippians, my constituents of Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, and ninety-eight percent of them say no. And I agree.  I’m a no as well. …

“America’s just not buying what you’re selling at this time.”

Sen. Thad Cochran still had not said fore sure whether his vote would be no as of Wednesday morning.

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