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Preventing Home Damage the Next Time Temps Plummet

JACKSON, Miss. — During the last cold snap, earlier this week, social media was lit up with horror stories of Mississippians having home damage due to the weather.

The magnolia state isn’t familiar to the single digit temperatures that made their way into the South, and many homeowners weren’t prepared for what it could bring with it.

Several pictures were seen of interior ceilings caved in, and insulation on the floors of homes.

“Open up your attic and turn your heat up higher than normal,” said Jeff Salmons of HouseWorks. “We are just trying to keep those pipes above 32 degrees.”

Salmons explained that because of how far South Mississippi is, it is common to have hot water heaters in attics.

“You would never see that in Michigan because of the low temps they have up there,” he said.

Also, opening up cabinet doors where pipes are located in the kitchen and bathrooms is another way to keep the temperature a little higher.

“If you do experience a busted pipe you need to get out to the water meter as fast as possible,” said Salmons. “You have to have a water key to turn the source off, but those can be found at any home improvement store.”

He relayed that if you don’t have a water key tool, it’s possible to call the water company when tips drip because they’re on call when bad weather hits.


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